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5 reasons why your Business should be online

Imagine yourself sitting in a room, looking outside the window, having lost all you had, all you invested in your business, asking yourself questions like where did you go wrong, what left you behind others, why did your business fail?
Not good, right? No one would want to be in a situation like that ever, I know.

Well, the one simple thing that you can do to avoid this is just KEEP UP WITH THE TREND or to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the changes in the market.

And, it’s no more news now, but the Internet is the biggest trend of this era.
INTERNET is this huge platform where one can share information, data, communicate with billions of people, showcase your talent, or even do BUSINESS. Yes. You read it right.

You can avail services, you can buy things, you can sell your products, or learn any skill you want to and a lot more.
There are 4.54 billion people out of 7.8 billion who are active on the Internet, which is 59% of the total population of the world (Internet World Stats).

So, in this blog, I will give you FIVE REASONS WHY YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS TO GET ONLINE right now


One of the best answers for why your business needs to be online is this. If you take your business online, your business can be available for 24*7, 365 days.
No matter at what time, a customer searches for your service on the Internet, your business would be available to provide the customer with what he wants.
With the internet, your clients and customers can read about your business or gather information anytime they want, anywhere they are.

For e.g –
If I had to buy a T-shirt, instead of waiting for the perfect weather, or waiting for the sun to set, and then roam in the streets looking for the perfect T-shirt, I could just have access to the Internet, open any search engine or a website and search Tshirts for men and then buy whatever I like, sitting at home.

So, you need to make sure that your business is available any time a customer’s mind hit the services that your business is offering.


Trust me, the majority of the people who do not have their businesses online have “Too complicated or too time taking” as their reason.
To all those people who have perceptions like that, I have to say, NOT ANYMORE. With the blessings of the Internet, today no skill cannot be learned.

Internet nowadays has been made so user friendly that anybody can learn how to use it.
Moreover, there are mediums like Youtube, etc where people from around the world can help you learn whatever you want and can make the internet easier to use for your purpose.

Using tools that can be helpful for your business, such as Google Analytics, can now be learned very easily from various sources.

So sayings like “It’s too complicated to use” end up being a myth only.


When you take your business online, you do a lot better than you think you are doing. Getting a website for your company, building the presence of your website across all of the platforms actually help in making your brand image good.

A brand is not a product or a promise or a feeling. It’s the sum of all the experiences you have with a company” – Amir Kassaei

Your website might be the first impression a customer has of your company, so you need to make sure of things like the time your website takes to load, is your website responsive or not, etc.

Companies and Brands are two different things. There are a million companies but only a few brands.
And, without an online presence, your business can never be a brand.

For instance –
Think of two shoe companies, one from your local city shop and the other being Adidas.
The moment you read Adidas, you knew it is a brand. Ever wondered why?
Well, because Adidas has made itself a brand. It has its own website, it is available on various websites, it has made its presence on all of the social media platforms.

So if you want your business to turn into a brand you know what you need to do now.


When you grow your business well, it is very obvious that you will have to face market competition.
Tools like Google Alerts, etc can help you gather information about your competitors in the market.
You can indulge in researches like What are your competitors doing better than you, in what aspect is your business better than them, what are their marketing strategies, etc.
A better understanding of your business competition will help you stand out from them.
if you wanna dominate your market, you need to have full control over it, in order to have full control over it you need to know who are you competing with.

When you know your competitors well, you can target those areas specifically or those market places where their business is failing to do good.
You can plan your strategies according to that and you might end up having a better understanding of what the market demands.


The marketing world has changed enormously since Internet happened.

The idea of marketing has changed now. Putting up banners, making a radio announcement, or using the print media could surely work but not as effective as MARKETING on the INTERNET.

Before Internet, marketing was this huge deal that required a hell lot of money, time and patience.
But now, things have changed.
Internet Marketing has come into the limelight
like a superstar.

I’ll give four reasons why Internet Marketing is the boss now :

CONVENIENCE – The Internet lets us marketize our business, our products or service in the easiest way possible, which proves to be more convenient for the customers too.

For e.g –

Let’s take two scenarios.
Two ads for a t-shirt company.
One in the traditional way, say, an advertisement in a newspaper and the second one being an advertisement on the Internet.
Now, try to look from the customer’s perspective.
In traditional marketing, the customer sees an ad in the newspaper, notes the address of the shop, and later visit the shop and then probably put his hands on the required T-shirt.

Let us look at Internet Marketing on the other hand.

The customer sees an ad online, he has good access to the Internet, he likes the T-shirt shown in the ad, he clicks on the ad and, the Internet redirects him to the website where he can buy it, he selects his size and say even customizes it, places the order, and boom! Shopping is done.

Ask yourself here, which one would you have preferred?
The Internet brings the entire journey of you seeing an ad in the newspaper, going out, and then buying it, to your phone/device.

COST – Internet Marketing has reduced the cost of marketing tremendously. You can advertise a new product much cheaper in comparison with the traditional way of marketing. The Internet allows you to make free listings of your business which helps you reach people globally. And, putting out ads on the Internet is certainly less expensive than traditional ways like billboard or print ads.

TRACKING YOUR RESULT – One of the major benefits of Internet Marketing is unlike traditional marketing, Internet Marketing allows you to track or measure your results from the advertisements you run. You can see an entire journey of a customer after he sees your ad online. The Internet can help you with gathering information, like the leads, the sales, the conversions, etc.

TARGET AUDIENCE – The Internet allows you to target your audience, okay, what does that mean?

Let’s understand this with an example.

If I owned a playschool and I have a website for my school.
Who would be the people I want my advertisements to be displayed to?
Parents having children aged, say, 4-6 years, right?
This would make my conversion rate higher and my advertisements more effective.

The Internet allows you to decide who will see your ads, in what parts of the country will your ads be displayed, and even what time do you want your ads to be displayed.

Being available on every social media platform is another way of marketing where you can build relationships with your potential customers and keep updating them about your products, services, etc for free.

Content is fire, Social Media is gasoline” – JAY BEAR

You can put out content like videos, images, or even blogs to advertise your business and keep the customers engaged with your business.

Good Marketing makes the company look smart. Great Marketing makes the customer look smart. – JOE SHERNOV

Now, I am guessing you have a considerable amount of information about why your business needs to get online.
Your business online is just like your second home. Decorate, innovate and it will surely reciprocate.

Small businesses will never be the same after Covid-19.
“You should always be prepared for the disaster before the disaster hits you” is the only thing you should take ou from this situation.

Do not wait, get online, do business.

If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business – Bill Gates

Thank You

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