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3 Free Tools for your Business to Grow

Okay so now that you have thought of starting a business and being your own boss, I am going to be honest, it’s not as easy as you think it is,but yes one thing is for certain, that all it takes, is hard work, dedication, and efforts and they all are going to be worth it once your plane takes off.

I would suggest you ask yourself if you are a horse for the long run! If it’s a yes, stay here and keep reading. If it’s a negative, you can go back to your corporate tables and enjoy your 9 to 5 jobs.

Coming back.
Now, as Zig Ziglar once said: “You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great.”
Be a little smart and start. You know that your business needs to work smarter, not harder, but what tool is going to be instrumental for your business?

This blog is for everyone out there who wants their business to grow and have an edge in your possible business competition.



You know that there are probably over thousands of websites that are offering the same services that your business does. Now as a business owner, who wouldn’t want customers to learn about their business and avail the services that their business has to offer.

So in order to do that, you need your website to be ranked at the top. So if a user comes and searches for a service that your business has to offer, your website would be displayed at the top, increasing its likeliness of discovery manifold.

Think for yourself, when was the last time you searched for something in any search engine, scrolled down the results, and visited even the second page of the results?

Never, right? Let’s be honest, we see a deal that satisfies what we are looking for, on the very first page, right on the top, and boom, we get it!
Internet users have never been famous for patience, remember that.
Here comes the SEO.

SEO is what is responsible for your website to be ranked at the top and increase your traffic organically, traffic here meaning the number of people visiting your website.

Now every search engine has an algorithm following which it ranks websites. So an obvious question comes to mind,’ why don’t we just follow the algorithm and rank our websites?’

Factors of the Search Engine Optimization

Unfortunately, no search engine ever reveals their algorithm or their method of looking for websites.

What we do know though is a few of the factors of the algorithm, like the keywords, the relevance of your website, your location, the number of inlinks and outlines, etc.
SEO tries to convince search engines that your website is the best suited for any particular keyword. Curious much?

Moving on to my second key tool that you must know about.


If you own a business online let me tell you, Google Analytics is going to be your know-it-all and your go-to software.
While SEO is responsible for increasing the number of visitors on your website and attracting traffic, Google Analytics acts as a powerful tool that can give you information that you as a business owner would want to know.

What do I mean? Hang on.
I just said that Internet users are not famous for patience and you are proving it.

Google Analytics can tell you the behavior of your customers on your website. Google Analytics can be used to track your website activity, make a report, and then present it to you.
Being a business owner, if you want to know what the areas are that you need to focus on, or put more effort in, or make changes, Google Analytics is going to be a very helpful thing for you.

With Google Analytics you can gather information, such as, the reason that is leading people to visit your website, the most popular page on your website, the duration for which people are visiting your website, the period for which they are on a particular web page, the keywords that are leading people to your website, and this list goes on.

Google Analytics Report

So yes, Google Analytics is a must-have tool if you own a business online.

Now my number three on the list.


Research says that there are over a 100 billion searches on the Google search engine that takes place in a month.
That’s where the opportunity is hidden.

If you have a business and you do not have an online presence, let me tell you, you are missing out on not less than 50% of your potential customers.
If you have a business you have to make sure that it is discoverable on various search engines.

Who wouldn’t want new customers to know about their business and then avail the services from them? But if you don’t have an online presence, potential customers of your services won’t even get to know that your business has an existence.

But don’t worry, Google can take care of that.
With the help of GOOGLE MY BUSINESS, you can make your business have an online presence and be discoverable.

Google My Business Benefits

Google My Business is a free tool and it can help you create your local business listing. You can verify your business using GMB and even give directions of your business to your customers.
With the help of Google My Business, you can locate your business on Google Maps, you can provide information about your business, like your opening hours, your website, or your contact number or even your address.

As a business owner, I would not want my customers to find it difficult to discover or find information about my business.

So here were three of the free online tools that I would suggest you learn if you want your business to grow and expand on a large scale.
These tools can surely make your work easier. Use them yourself, to verify the veracity of my words.

Now, I want to know what other suggestions or ideas can you add to this list that I haven’t mentioned? Do let me know in the comments section below.
Also, if you enjoyed this blog post and you think it might be useful for someone, do share it.
Thank You.

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