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What is SEO [ Search engine optimization]?

You know there are probably over thousands of websites that are offering the
same services that your business does. Now as a business owner, who wouldn’t
want customers to come to their business and avail services that their business
has to offer.
To do that, you need your website to be ranked at the top. So if a user comes and
searches for a service that your business has to offer, your website should be
displayed at the top to have the highest chances to be discovered.
Think about yourself. When was the last time you searched for something in any
search engine, scrolled down the results, and visited even the second page of the
results? NO, right? Let’s be honest, we see a deal that satisfies what we are
looking for on the very first page, right on the top, and boom, we get it!
Internet users have never been famous for patience, remember that.
Here comes the SEO.
SEO is what is responsible for your website to be ranked at the top and increase
your traffic, traffic here means the number of people visiting your website.
Now every search engine has an algorithm following which it ranks websites.
Okay, so why don’t we just follow the algorithm and rank our websites? Okay,
obvious question.
Unfortunately, no search engine ever reveals their algorithm or their method of
looking for websites.
But yes, we do know a few of the factors of the algorithm, like the keywords, the
the relevance of your website, your location, etc.
SEO tries to convince search engines that your website is the best suited for any
particular keyword. Interesting? Hmm.
So, here’s the link you can learn basic SEO from.

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